PD Webinar

The Sciences of Reading:
Metacognition, Motivation & Engagement, and Self-Efficacy

Presented by Peter Afflerbach, Ph.D.

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Much contemporary reading instruction is dominated by a focus on the Science of Reading cognitive skills and strategies. While skills and strategies are essential in reading development, research tells us that there are many factors which contribute to a reader’s success. These factors—including metacognition, motivation and engagement, and self-efficacy—have a documented influence on students’ reading development and achievement. By consulting these Sciences of Reading, educators can access a more holistic instructional approach and understanding of student readers’ development, as well as effective approaches to teaching, related student learning outcomes, and how these outcomes are assessed.

In this PD webinar, educators will examine:

  • The influence of metacognition, motivation and engagement, and self-efficacy on students’ reading development and reading achievement
  • Instruction and classroom environments that support the development of these critical factors
  • How broadening our understanding of the Sciences of Reading informs our instruction and fosters students' growth


1 hour

Peter Afflerbach

About the Presenter

Peter Afflerbach, Ph.D. is Professor of Reading in the Department of Teaching and Learning, Policy and Leadership at the University of Maryland. His research includes focus on reading comprehension strategies and processes, verbal reporting, reading in Internet and hypertext environments, and mindfulness.

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Instruction and assessment ought to be like two peas in a pod. In this practical guide, Peter Afflerbach, a foremost authority on developing effective assessments, teams up with literacy expert Adria Klein to show teachers how to become fluent in meaningful assessment routines. Highlights include:

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  • Using tools that reveal reliable, relatable insights
  • Knowing readers as people in order to know instruction and engage
  • Designing and mining daily routines to yield data
  • Learning to analyze information, and sharing assessment results thoughtfully

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