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Reading Fluency:
The Ultimate Goal of Reading Instruction

Presented by Deborah Glaser, Ed.D.

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Think of reading fluency as the ultimate outcome of many skills all coming together to enable our students to access print and comprehend. It is a beautiful thing! This one hour webinar will explore what it means to read fluently, and how this goal of reading impacts our instruction. We will discuss assessment, identification, and the importance of practice. Attendees will take away renewed understanding of their students’ reading fluency and many practice activity ideas that can be easily implemented right away in small-group intervention and during whole-group instruction.


1 hour

Deborah Glaser

About the Presenter

Deborah Glaser, Ed.D. received her doctorate in Curriculum and Instruction with specific focus on reading and school reform from Boise State University. She is an educational consultant and professional development provider with expertise in reading assessment. She is the co-author of Reading Fluency: Understand – Assess – Teach from PD Essentials.

More Resources

Reading Fluency: Understand – Assess – Teach Professional Development Book

By Deborah Glaser, Ed.D. and Jan Hasbrouck, Ph.D.

Deborah Glaser, Ed.D. and Jan Hasbrouck, Ph.D. have written an accessible and thoughtful resource to help teachers understand the complex, essential, and often misunderstood skill of reading fluency. The authors:

  • Define the complex skill of reading fluency
  • Present an overview of current research
  • Offer practical guidance for assessing and developing students’ fluency

Decodable Fluency Builders

Print + Digital • Grades K-1

Build fluency, develop comprehension, and apply phonics skills.

Decodable Fluency Builders is a new supplemental foundational literacy skills series. Driven by Science of Reading research, Decodable Fluency Builders features a wealth of robust, high-quality texts that provide authentic decoding experiences to help build fluency—the bridge to comprehension. The accountable texts combine phonics, high-frequency words, and language comprehension work for practice and application, helping students accelerate from mastery to transfer in reading, writing, listening, and speaking.


Celebrate Rich and Diverse Voices and Identities
Represent is an exciting, forward-thinking new collection of 200+ fiction and nonfiction texts that promote multiple perspectives, critical thinking, and knowledge building.

  • Reach and raise every child with responsive teaching lessons.
  • Share authentic texts featuring underrepresented groups.
  • Build knowledge, vocabulary, and perspectives by aligning to science, social studies, and ELA topics.
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