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The Power of Humor in Picture Books: Tapping the Funny Bone for Joyful Reading


Presented by Best-Selling Author
Ed Masessa

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Just as a funny bone isn’t actually a bone, humor is not always funny. Expressing humor in a picture book is much different than expressing it in a chapter book or novel. While not every joke will elicit a belly laugh, it will make you feel…something. Kind of like when you hit that funny bone in your elbow. And for a reader, the humor has to work on the first pass. Having to explain a joke is like explaining how the ulnar nerve bumps against the humerus bone and blah, blah, boring! Pictures make all the difference to a younger audience. They enhance the text with images that bring the words to life while also boosting motivation and vocabulary, comprehension, and literacy development.

In this PD webinar, best-selling author Ed Masessa will show educators ways to use picture books to:

  • Grab learners’ attention and lead engaging, laugh-out-loud classroom read-alouds
  • Structure an impactful lesson that includes conversation, collaboration, and social-emotional learning
  • Facilitate enjoyable independent and group writing and extension activities based on classroom reading
  • Spark learners’ imaginations to help them develop a lifelong love of reading

So bang your elbow against the corner of your desk, and then sit back and enjoy the conversation with a guy who knows how to get eye-level with kids and make them chuckle.


1 hour

About the Presenter

Ed Masessa is the best-selling author of Scarecrow Magic, Pumpkin Magic, There Was an Old Dog Who Needed a Nap, Snowman's Big Adventure, and two Wandmaker novels. He grew up in a small town in New Jersey but now lives in Florida, where it’s rather difficult to build a snowman, but where lots of dogs take naps.

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