PD Webinar

Newcomers: Language and Literacy Development for a New Generation


Presented by
Margarita Calderón, Ph.D.


Discover effective ways to help today’s new arrivals learn the vocabulary and literacy skills needed for a successful transition to American schools and society. Renowned author and researcher Dr. Margarita Calderón explains how to combine targeted instruction with a supportive classroom culture, enabling Newcomers to use current technological and social-emotional terms along with traditional forms of English.

This research-based edWebinar provides an update on effective techniques for working with Newcomers and include discussion of recent arrivals to the U.S., such as Afghan refugees, Haitians, and the Central American immigrants who speak native dialects rather than Spanish. Viewers learn about ways to:

  • Develop Newcomers’ academic vocabulary and ability to participate in classroom discussions
  • Provide systematic phonics instruction and interventions based on the science of reading
  • Establish protocols and routines that facilitate comprehension of literary and content-area text
  • Engage Newcomers in writing activities that support formative assessment and SEL
This webinar shares proven ways to help Newcomers in grades 3–12 become fluent English speakers, readers, and writers, so it is of interest to directors and supervisors of multilingual, ELL, dual language, and migrant programs, as well as principals, instructional coaches, specialists, and teachers who work with Newcomers.


1 hour

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About the Presenter

Margarita Calderón, Ph.D.

Margarita Calderón, Ph.D., is Professor Emerita/Senior Research Scientist at Johns Hopkins University. She has worked on numerous research and development projects focusing on reading for English learners funded by the U.S. Department of Education Institute of Education Sciences, the U.S. Department of Labor, and collaborated with Harvard and the Center for Applied Linguistics on a longitudinal study funded by the NICHD.

The Carnegie Corporation of New York funded her five-year empirical study to develop Expediting Reading Comprehension for English Language Learners (ExC-ELL), a comprehensive professional development model for grades 6–12 math, science, social studies, and language arts teachers that integrates language, literacy, and content. This led to the development of the effective, evidence-based program, Reading Instructional Goals for Older Readers (RIGOR), for Newcomers with interrupted formal education. Dr. Calderón has over 100 publications, is an international speaker, is invited to do keynote speeches at major conferences, and conducts comprehensive professional development programs nationally and internationally.

NEW Benchmark Hello!

Survival Skills for Newcomers

Support recently arrived students with need-to-know basics and fundamental English. Introducing Benchmark Hello!, a groundbreaking new program designed expressly for Newcomers with Silvia Dorta-Duque de Reyes. Combining survival skills, English language development, and social-emotional learning, this powerful tool helps recent arrivals gain the experience, proficiency, and confidence to propel their language learning. Benchmark Hello! provides:

  • 8 week-long units to develop oral language and vocabulary
  • Lessons that embrace primary language, prior knowledge, and cross-cultural understanding
  • Instruction focused on academic language and metacognitive and socio-affective skills and strategies
  • Predictable routines, guided practice, and peer interactions
  • An explicit Teacher's Resource System that includes teaching tips, differentiation tools, and Professional Development
  • Assessments to help monitor student progress
  • Engaging home–school connections
  • Rich digital resources for ongoing training
  • and so much more!
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