Through the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 (ARPA), the U.S. government has made the largest-ever single investment in the nation’s schools. As part of the $170 billion allocated to fund education, ARPA includes $122 billion for a third round of the Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER) Fund.

What does your school or district need to know about new funding via ARPA and ESSER? We've created this guide to help you identify:

  • Primary goals and parameters of the new funding
  • Student populations focused on
  • Prioritized instructional settings
  • Benchmark Education programs aligned with ARPA requirements

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On-Demand Funding Webinar

The American Rescue Plan represents an extraordinary commitment to the nation’s students—and to our shared future. How will your school or district best make use of this critical aid to ensure your students receive the high-quality education they deserve? Join us as we help you decipher the parameters around this latest round of ESSER funds and develop a step-by-step multi-year action plan to implement these unprecedented resources and address the academic, social, and emotional needs of your students.

Differentiate with Small-Group Texts

Differentiation is no easy task—which is why Benchmark Education has developed small-group texts that are designed to support educators as they strive to meet the unique needs of each individual learner. Learn more in an, on-demand overview of our small-group text resources.

Spot On

Enrich and expand instruction with small-group resources that build content knowledge.

  • High-interest small-group texts feature ten key content strands.
  • Students learn about key topics by reading informational, opinion, fiction, and other texts.
  • Precisely leveled texts support social-emotional learning.

Enfoque en

Authentic Spanish texts are designed for today's classroom and focused on today's learner.

  • High-interest small-group texts feature ten key content strands.
  • Informational, opinion, fiction, and other texts teach students key topics.
  • Texts support social-emotional learning and reflect the dimensions of the world.

Standards Close-Up

Standards Close-Up leveled topic sets target individual ELA standards and build science and social studies knowledge. With high-quality content and great flexibility, this essential, comprehensive supplemental solution fosters teacher and student success during these challenging times.

  • Each two-book topic set breaks down one standard into manageable skills and strategies, deepening standards mastery across grade levels.
  • Multiple texts per set provide opportunities to model skills and strategies for scaffolded learning.
  • Standards-based text evidence questions and writing assignments facilitate comprehension.
  • Flexible design allows for concentrated focus on unfinished learning—ideal for summer school and intervention.
  • EL support every step of the way helps all English Learners master standards and guides them through collaborative performance tasks.

Advance ALL

Help striving readers and ELs progress to grade-level text and content.

  • Leveled topic sets feature scaffolds for literacy and language development.
  • Multi-book sets at a range of reading levels address grade-level science, social studies, and ELA standards.
  • Each book contains an illustrated leveled text plus text at a higher level with extra support.
  • Pictorial support and glossaries develop academic vocabulary in meaningful contexts.
  • eBooks include synchronized audio/highlighting of words, plus interactive learning practice!

Leveled BookRooms

Diverse, Comprehensive, and Easy to Manage

  • Engaging informational and literary texts to develop literacy and content understanding
  • Extensive support for differentiated small-group instruction and close reading
  • Shelf-ready with a central checkout system for fast, easy use

Intervene with Comprehensive Intervention Programs

When we think about unfinished learning and learning loss, we know that some of our students are going to need a structured intervention approach. Benchmark Education has several intervention resources for summer school programs, before- or after-school programs, Tier II and III, and special education. Take a brief tour through a few of our most popular resources for comprehensive intervention.

Phonics Intervention

Structured Literacy Intervention Also Addressing Vocabulary and Comprehension

  • Sequential scope and sequence moves from simple to complex.
  • Multiple "Decision Points" allow flexible pacing tailored to individual students.
  • Spiral review and repetition build mastery.

Steps to Advance

An Intervention Solution for Resource, Special Education, and Title Teachers

  • Student books align to literary and informational reading standards.
  • Gradual steps provide a scaffold to complex text, enabling students to reach grade-level expectations.
  • Improve content vocabulary, language, and comprehension.

Benchmark Booster

Boost Learning and Close Skill Gaps in Grades 1-6

Flexible implementation suits a variety of back-to-school models, including blended learning and distance learning.

  • Highly focused instructional design
  • Fosters social and emotional learning
  • Flexible to fit a variety of back-to-school models
  • Fully print and digital to support blended learning and distance learning!
  • Available in English and Spanish

Spring Forward

Teach targeted reading skills in the classroom or in pull-out sessions.

  • Provide effective Tier 1 or Tier 2 intervention.
  • Develop close reading skills and use of text evidence.
  • Use a 50/50 balance of fiction and nonfiction.

Kindergarten resources develop concepts about print, vocabulary, writing, and phonics skills.

First-Grade resources include Grades K and 1 levels to support the leap to complex text.

Second-Grade resources progress from Emergent to Early/Fluent books to support diverse readers.

Be a Reading STAR

Help intervention students read, analyze, and respond to grade-level genre passages.

  • Improve students’ understanding of the features and purposes of different genres.
  • Expose students to complex texts for close reading.
  • Prepare students for new assessment question types.

Consumable Student Book is full-color.

Teacher's Guide contains built-in "Step-Up" acceleration plan in small-group instruction.

Progress-Monitoring Assessments and Interim Assessments provide placement and exit opportunities.

Ideal for Intervention, Summer School, and Before- and After-School Programs

Accelerate Language Development with English Language Resources

Our English Learners were some of the students that were most impacted by school closures. At Benchmark Education, we are dedicated to supporting our multilingual students through embedded support for learners in our programs as well as specific EL resources. Join this short, on-demand presentation to learn about our tools for providing high-quality instruction to English learners.

Benchmark Hello!

Enrich and expand instruction with small-group resources that build content knowledge.

  • High-interest leveled texts feature ten key content strands.
  • Students learn about key topics by reading informational, opinion, fiction, and other texts.
  • Precisely leveled texts support social-emotional learning.


Intervention for Older Newcomers and Other ELs at Preliterate or Primary Reading Levels

  • Engaging, age-appropriate resources at a range of levels
  • Meets RTI guidelines for Tier 2 and Tier 3 intervention
  • Flexible scheduling for language arts blocks or extended day

Advancing Language Learning

Meet language development standards through content and literacy connections.

  • Integrate reading, writing, speaking, and listening domains.
  • Build social, structural, and academic language.
  • Amplify language in context and scaffold to grade-level complex text.
  • Use formative assessments to differentiate instruction based on language proficiency and content knowledge.

English Explorers

Make science and social studies accessible while developing literacy and language.

  • 192 language-leveled texts scaffold vocabulary development and nonfiction comprehension.
  • Theme sets include books at four levels for diverse ELs.
  • Outstanding photos engage students and support text.
  • Audio CDs and talking eBooks increase fluency.
  • Text-dependent comprehension questions for each book help students develop evidence-based answers.

Advance Biliteracy with Spanish Language Solutions

Biliteracy celebrates students’ culture, language, and skills and prepares them for college and career success. Benchmark Education offers top quality authentic Spanish and dual language resources to develop the language, literacy, and content understanding students need for successful transfer to other areas of learning. Watch a brief introduction to our most popular biliteracy offerings that engage students with relevant and diverse print and digital materials.

Fonética y gramática

Provide the right resources to engage students and teach initial Spanish literacy skills.

  • Authentic Spanish poems, stories, and nonfiction are linked to instructional materials and support.
  • Explicit, systematic instruction matches the traditional Spanish phonics sequence.
  • Students progress to learning and working with essential types of words.
  • Grammar lessons then enable students to read and write complete sentences.

Sound-Spelling Transfer Kit

Develop foundational skills and vocabulary for transfer between Spanish and English.

  • Build on students' understanding of their native language.
  • Teach them how to apply what they know to a new language.
  • Maximize transfer, language acquisition, and biliteracy.

Developed with Silvia Dorta-Duque de Reyes, Program Author


Authentic Spanish resources follow the Spanish phonetic sequence to develop native language literacy.

  • Provide immediate and strategic intervention.
  • Improve and sustain reading achievement.
  • Develop academic vocabulary and content knowledge using a 50/50 balance of fiction and nonfiction.

Kindergarten intervention resources develop concepts about print, vocabulary, writing, and phonics skills.

First-Grade intervention resources include Grade K and Grade 1 levels to support the transition to complex text.

Second-Grade intervention resources progress from Emergent to Early/Fluent books to accommodate diverse readers.

Spanish Language BookRooms

Develop Spanish literacy with the right levels, texts, and topics for your students.

  • Fully bilingual Teacher's Guide supports every leveled book in the BookRoom.
  • Display boxes, labels, and sign-out cards make management easy.
  • Spanish Comprehension Question Card accompanies every title, along with Comprehension Power Tool Flip Chart Sets for teachers and students.
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