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Agency for All: Transformative Practices That Empower Students (and Teachers Too!)


What is agency and how does it motivate joyful learning? Putting students at the center of decision-making promotes self-efficacy and lets them take ownership of their learning, building their momentum to continue to grow. Join Jill DeRosa and Jenn Hayhurst in this 1-hour PD webinar to explore a framework for developing agency through responsive teaching and a student-centered approach.


1 hour

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About the Presenters

Jen Hayhurst

Jenn Hayhurst is a creator and co-moderator of the influential weekly Twitter chat #G2Great with Mary Howard and Amy Brennan. She is a literacy coach with a focus on Grades K-3 and has worked as an Adjunct Professor for graduate students completing their practicum at Long Island University, Riverhead.

Jill DeRosa

Jill DeRosa is a second grade teacher and a district lead teacher charged with providing professional development for her colleagues. She is also an Adjunct Professor at Long Island University, where she teaches preservice teachers. Jill has taught in both private and public school, with a focus in Grades K-3.

NEW! W I R E for Agency: Four Simple Moves That Transfer Learning

by Jenn Hayhurst and Jill DeRosa

When teachers cultivate children’s agency, students achieve. It’s that simple. In W I R E for Agency, two dynamic educators name four simple moves that lead to self-efficacy in students and to responsive teaching. Educators learn to:

  • Use a framework of Watch, Intend, Reflect, and Engage as a daily tool in workshop or any literacy program
  • Address all aspects of agency with concrete actions, including cultural responsiveness, self-regulation, engagement, and growth mindset
  • Envision curricula and environments for student-centered learning
  • Design collaborative learning experiences that give students practice with goal setting, taking action, and reflecting on progress
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