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Energize Language Development: Effective Instructional Strategies 
by Silvia Dorta-Duque de Reyes, M.A.

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This webinar shares proven strategies for making language instruction dynamic, rewarding, and effective. It focuses on well-designed instructional sequences for language development, including systematic scaffolding and motivation based on student agency and personalized learning. Viewers will understand and be able to recognize the non-negotiables of a successful language learning environment and will receive a clear explanation of ‘how language learning works’ in context. Specific attention is given to customizing instruction for Language Learners and Newcomers and to the types of feedback and differentiated lesson support that promote student achievement. Silvia Dorta-Duque de Reyes M.A. provides a thorough overview of the way that language development works to create a pathway for students to access grade-level content while learning English through research-based strategies.


60 minutes

About Our Panelists

Silvia Dorta-Duque de Reyes, M.A.

Silvia Dorta-Duque de Reyes, M.A., NABE Leadership Award Winner, served as an expert panel member for the development of the California ELD Standards and subsequently contributed as a Curriculum Framework and Evaluation Criteria Committee member for the California Department of Education. Her area of expertise is biliteracy with a focus on academic language, writing, and the organization of instruction for explicit teaching of Spanish-to-English cross-linguistic transfer. In collaboration with the California Department of Education, she coordinated the Spanish translation and linguistic augmentation of the Common Core State Standards for Language Arts and Mathematics. Silvia is currently a national biliteracy consultant and collaborating author for Benchmark Education Company.

More Resources

Sound Spelling Transfer Kit  

Develop foundational skills and vocabulary for transfer between Spanish and English.   

  • Build on students' understanding of their native language.   
  • Teach them how to apply what they know to a new language.
  • Maximize transfer, language acquisition, and biliteracy.


Benchmark Hello!  

Survival Skills for Newcomers  

Support recently arrived students with need-to-know basics and fundamental English. Introducing Benchmark Hello!, a groundbreaking new program designed expressly for Newcomers with Silvia Dorta-Duque de Reyes. Combining survival skills, English language development, and social-emotional learning, this powerful tool helps recent arrivals gain the experience, proficiency, and confidence to propel their language learning. Benchmark Hello! provides:

  • 8 week-long units to develop oral language and vocabulary
  • Lessons that embrace primary language, prior knowledge, and cross-cultural understanding
  • Instruction focused on academic language and metacognitive and socio-affective skills and strategies
  • Predictable routines, guided practice, and peer interactions
  • An explicit Teacher's Resource System that includes teaching tips, differentiation tools, and Professional Development
  • Assessments to help monitor student progress
  • Engaging home–school connections
  • Rich digital resources for ongoing training

 and so much more!

Express! Asset-Based Access to English  

Build Knowledge, Language, and Literacy 

Introducing a new K-6 English Language Development program to promote language learning.  

  • Unit topics align to Benchmark Advance to ensure seamless support for core instruction.
  • Reviews K-2 foundational skills for application in context.
  • Students learn how English works through explicit grammar and syntax lessons.
  • Aligns to multiple language proficiency standards.
  • Leverages culture and first language knowledge and fosters learner agency.


Celebrate Rich and Diverse Voices and Identities
Represent is an exciting, forward-thinking new collection of 200+ fiction and nonfiction texts that promote multiple perspectives, critical thinking, and knowledge building.

  • Reach and raise every child with responsive teaching lessons.
  • Share authentic texts featuring underrepresented groups.
  • Build knowledge, vocabulary, and perspectives by aligning to science, social studies, and ELA topics.
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