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Presented by Patty McGee, M.Ed.


Writing may just be the experience that requires the most resilience in schools. After all, writing exposes vulnerabilities, but through that students find their voice and power. When students show up again and again, despite feeling vulnerable, writing skills will develop. Learn new ways to support resilient writers in all grades with author Patty McGee.

This research-based webinar will enable educators to combine key types of instructional strands, practice sessions, and levels of support to help students write more and, in turn, become stronger writers. Participants will learn how to:

• Provide feedback that builds resilience and offers explicit instruction
• Integrate proven techniques and intentional language in writing instruction
• Develop strengths to overcome challenges in writing


1 hour

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About the Presenter

Patty McGee

Patty McGee, M.Ed., is a New Jersey-based educator and literacy leader who envisions learning environments where teachers and students discover their true potential and power. Patty has received the Milken Educator Award (2002), and is a sought-after speaker at ILA, NCTE, ASCD, Learning Forward, and other national conferences.

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Let’s face it—writer’s workshop needs rescuing. It’s either bedecked and bedazzled by cutesy extras or done in a lockstep manner that hinders young writers’ natural processes. Teachers are thirsty for guidance, and in this book Patty McGee delivers a streamlined new vision. Each chapter brings us back to the heart of writer’s workshop while elevating practice with current writing research. Topics include:

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