Equitable resources in Spanish and English, print and digital!

Ready to Advance™ and Listos y adelante™ Virtual Samples

Click on the tabs and covers below to view digital versions of select print resources. Resources are also available in the Benchmark Universe™ Digital Learning Platform.

Professional Learning

Set up a live training or access clips on demand through the Benchmark Universe™ Digital Portal. Watch Dr. Vicki Gibson, program author, discuss learning progressions.

Program Guide

Explore what's included in the program and how it works!

Scope & Sequence

Easily plan instruction while meeting the standards.

Teacher's Resource System (TRS)

Ten unit-specific TRSs contain everything you need for effective teaching and learning. Here's a sample from Unit 5:

Classroom Management Guide

Preview Dr. Vicki Gibson's professional development book:

Instructional Routines Flip Chart

Math & Science Routines on one side, Language & Literacy on the other! See one of each:

Trade Books with Lessons

Aligned to unit themes and vocabulary, trade books (1 per unit) with lessons develop a love of reading while inspiring SEL and genre discussions.

Informational Big Books with Concept Cards

Develop science and social studies knowledge with informational big books (2 per unit). Concept cards for each title feature real-world photos and prompt topical discussions.

Literary Big Books with Retelling Cards

Introduce story parts and structures while building emotional intelligence and creativity with literary big books (1 per unit). Retelling cards for each title encourage critical-thinking and collaborative conversations.

Small-Group Readers

4 titles (6 copies each) per unit correspond with informational and literary big books to reinforce vocabulary and build emergent literacy skills.

Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) Lap Books with Story Props and Guide

Develop self-awareness, self-regulation, and empathy with SEL-focused lap books (1 per unit). Characters come to life with interactive story props that inspire children to share their thoughts and creativity.

Student Interactive Texts

Encourage students to apply their language and knowledge with take-home interactive texts (1 per unit).

Emergent Writing Big Books

Introduce the five key writing strokes and invite children to express their creativity with directed drawings.

Emergent Writing Guide

Understand the learning progressions for developing emergent writing skills to help each child succeed. Preview the book:

Home-School Connections Guide

Develop a strong home-school connection with interactive take-home books and activity calendars that extend social, emotional, and academic growth beyond the classroom. Click the Home-School Connections Guide covers to see part of the guide, including Take-Home Activity Calendars.

Multisensory Tools

Children take an active approach to learning with manipulatives that help develop fine motor coordination, support learning across domains, and encourage creativity and expression.

  • Bucket Balance
  • Animal Counters
  • Jumbo Magnifiers
  • Attribute Block Set
  • Wood Cubes
  • Magnetic Learning Letters
  • Geometric Solids
  • Bean Bags
  • Cones